World News, Syfiori Plant Growing Results +40% Production +100% Clean Growing Plants.

World Wide International Plants Specialists speaks extol about the Innovative & Unique Biological Syfiori Plants Growing Results, they never had seen before at Plant Growing, at the Very Special Organized International Biological Syfiori Plant Growing Reading, USA, Denver, April 2017 & 100% Clean Plant Growing Results.

Due through Syfiori Biological Plant Growing Knowledge, Mildew, Red Spider, Plant Rust disappear & Syfiori realizes many more Special Plants Growing Developments for instance at Roses for € 0,06 p/m² excl. Taxes & ex Work. Realizes 100% Clean Rose Plants Growing +40% More & Better Roses Quality & Growers saving the Plants Diseases Protection costs.

Unique: Due too Unique Syfiori Plants Growing Knowledge Results, Roses Branches grows from 5 too 7 too 9 bigger & thicker Roses Leaves & Branches & Roots = +40% Plants Photo Synthesis Results = +40% better & more Roses Growing Production +40% More & Better Roses Quality p/Ha, the Dream of Every Roses Plant Grower.

Due too Syfiori Plant Growing Knowledge Results Roses Growing Time accelerates from 6 too 5 weeks =20% Les Growing Time + the Unique 100% Clean Plants Growing Results.

Unique, Syfiori Plants Growing Knowledge Results increases 5000 roses too 10.000 up to 13.000 Roses p/Hect/p/day, 100% Clean Roses Growing & Syfiori Plant growing support.
Syfiori Plants growing realise 3000 Roses x 7 days= 21000 x €0,50 = €10.500,- p/week

                 The Standard Roses Growing Time= 6 weeks : 52 =  8.6 roses Yearly Harvests.
               Syfiori Roses Growing Time Results = 5 weeks : 52 =10.4 roses Yearly Harvests.   
    Yearly 25% more
Roses Growing Production p/Ha & a Dream of Every Plant Grower.

Roses Growers Produce Yearly = 6x7x10.000 = 420.000 Roses x  8.6 = 3.612.000 Roses
            Syfiori Produces Yearly = 5x7x13.000 = 455.000 Roses x10.4 = 4.732.000 Roses Yearly 1.120.000 Roses more x € 0,50 = €560.000,- = p/wk: 52= €10.769,- p/week p/Hect+
  Syfiori Dosage: 10 litre Syfiori Product will be dissolved in 2000 litre water p/week p/Ha.



Chemical Plant Protection Products use realizing a Plants imbalance, they are harmful for the Environment, Humans, Plants & Animals. Syfiori Plants Growing Knowledge Results stops in 22 weeks the Chemical Plant Products use.


By the Repeatedly Use of Chemical & illness Plant Protection Products, the Plants Vegetation becomes ill & the Environment & Plants will be effected. At the same time More & New Diseases arises. Syfiori has the Plant Knowledge & Experience to solve this.


100% Clean Plants Growing Results are World News & Unique Innovative Plant Growing World News & a Big Challenge for all the World Wide Plant Growers. It is very important for the Environment of Humans, Animals & Plants & our Oxygen for this Planet.


These Unique Syfiori Plants Growing Knowledge Results realizes Syfiori for all the World Wide Fruits & Vegetable Growers & solves at the same time the Plant Growing Problems, due to the Unique Syfiori Plant Growing Knowledge & International Plants Specialists extol
About the Unique Syfiori Plant growing Results.

  Syfiori Dosage: 10 litre Syfiori Product will be dissolved in 2000 litre water p/week p/Ha.


However Enterprising Entrepreneurs realizing the Unique 100% Syfiori Plants Growing Results for Fruits, Plants, Flours & Vegetable for their Customers they will start demanding Plant Growers to grow their 100% Clean Syfiori Plants Results.

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